Period Pain & Heavy periods

Patients suffering Period Pain & Heavy periods (menorrhagia) or Pressure on your bladder, bowel or back spine often are diagnosed with fibroid.

Untreated Fibroid can also cause miscarriages and fertility problems.

Two common treatments for Fibroids are

  • Hysteroscopic Myomectomy (MyoSure)
  • HysteroscopicFibroid Resection (Myomectomy)

MyoSure (Hysteroscopic Myomectomy Procedure)

  • Myosure is a simple procedure is performed to remove a fibroid which is growing into the cavity of the uterus, without having to remove or even cut the uterus.
  • The MyoSure procedure is the ideal treatment option if you are looking to reduce your heavy bleeding caused by polyps or fibroids, while retaining a fully functional uterus.
  • A Hysteroscopy is performed and a detailed image of the uterine cavity and fibroid obtained. The Myosure device is used to progressively remove the fibroid. The specimen is collected in a bag and sent to the pathologist.
  • The procedure lasts about 10 minutes to 50 minutes and is a Day Stay procedure performed under General Anaesthesia. A second procedure may be required for a larger fibroid (greater than 5.5cm in diameter).
  • The recovery after this procedure is very fast. You may experience minor cramps or light bleeding for 24 hours.
  • You are advised to avoid swimming and intercourse for one week post procedure. Complications can include fluid overload. Fluid is used to distend the cavity of the uterus and this can be absorbed.
  • If this occurs, it will be necessary to stay overnight.